Al Ain Poultry corporate headquarters are based in Al Ain, where most of its divisions are located. Sales and Marketing Divisions are located in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Under the leadership of the Chairman, there is a Board Executive Committee responsible for shaping the key strategic issues facing Al Ain Poultry Farm.

General Manager
Al Ain Poultry is being manage under the leadership of the General Manager, who oversees the operation of the technical, marketing, financial and general management performance.

Technical Division
This Division is under the leadership of the Technical Manager who oversees the operation of the Layer, Broiler, Hatchery, Processing Plant, Laboratory and Quality Control and Maintenance Sections. The role of these departments are to implement the production plan, strategies and produce high quality fresh chicken and table eggs to satisfy customer's needs.

Marketing, Distribution and Sales Division
This Division's role is to ensure that the present and future market led strategies of the Company is carried out effectively.

Financial Management Division
This Division plays a key functional role in providing a meaningful direction to the long term development of the company's strategic goals. It also supports other divisions in developing budgets.

General Management
Under this umbrella are important functions such as administration and personnel, purchasing functions and external relationships.

Business, Political, Social and Regulatory Environment
The growth of the UAE Poultry industry in the last two decades is largely due to population growth, increase in income and adoption of new eating habits. Three quarters of the UAE's 3.3 million population live in urban areas particularly Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah and Al Ain.

Before the establishment of the UAE Federation in 1971, all Poultry product, mostly frozen chicken and table eggs were imported. In 1978, Al Ahleia was set up to produce fresh chicken. It was followed by Al Ain Poultry (1981), Ras Al Khaimah Poultry Farm (1981), Fujairah Poultry Farm (1985), Al Rawdah (1996), Al Khazana (2001) and finally Tasil Poultry Farm (2003). Since 1996, the UAE market gradually began to absorb the Saudi Chicken Producers such as Al Watania, and Tamnia. It is estimated that the value of fresh chicken and table egg products in the UAE stood at circa Dhs. 400 million in the year 2003.

During the late 1996 significant investment took place in the UAE poultry processing industry. Al Ain Poultry, Al Rawdah, Al Khazna and Tasil invested in new capacity, expanding the product ranges and distribution network.

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